Dr. Janssen and his staff are excellent. I have been going there for 2 years. Dr. Janssen has stopped the pain in my lower back and is now working on fixing the pain my hip, legs and feet. Dr Janssen is also working on my carpal tunnel in both my hands.

I would recommend Dr Janssen and his staff to anyone who has back, leg, hip, hand, or any problem.

– Patient, Oldsmar, FL, Lee W.

I started going to Dr. Janssen in March of 2017. I have had 3 back surgeries with fusion. I had been to chiropractors in Columbus with no noticeable results. I love walking but since my surgeries, walking has caused me pain. I’ve been using the Pneu-Max Treadmill and am walking more upright and with less pain. Dr. Janssen and his staff are wonderful people and I’m glad to be back to Florida to resume my treatment.

– Patient B.D., Dunedin, FL

I suffered with sciatica for a year. I went to the chiropractor in Canada (no relief) and also did acupuncture for a few months (no relief). In January 2017 I went to Dr. Janssen, I was in such pain, I could not function. All I did was sit in my Lazyboy chair. I was so depressed, as I was a very active person; exercising with a group five times a week, water aerobics and line dancing, cooking, cleaning, etc., I was always on the move. However, due to the pain I could do none of this! My quality of life was terrible!

I had an MRI and Dr. Janssen explained my diagnosis: lack of function in the pelvis, shortened muscles, lower back dysfunction, and joint irritation. Dr. Janssen explained my prognosis and plant of treatment. He was so patient ensuring I understood and encouraged me to ask questions. His communication was always open two-way and I never felt rushed or that my questions were silly! As soon as you walk in the door you are greeted by a sincere “Hi (and your name)” by the doctor and all of the staff!! I did many therapies, including interferential, and Dr. J. manipulated me as necessary and talked to me in length at every appointment. I did Vibration, the Unweighted Treadmill, Tummy Crunches, and Synergie (Linda is excellent and very encouraging).

All staff (Faith, Amber, and Kathy) are great! They were with me every step of the way and encouraged me even though sometimes I had difficulty. WITHIN 2 MONTHS I WAS PAIN FREE AND BACK TO REGULAR ACTIVITIES. THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE!

-Patient L.B., Safety Harbor, FL

My MRI revealed 3 severely herniated discs causing pinched nerve and leg pain so excruciating that I couldn’t walk or sleep through the night. I was already seeing a chiropractor with minimal relief, so I thought surgery was my only option. Then I found Dr Janssen. Wow. Not all chiropractors are the same! Dr. Janssen offers 40+ years of experience and lots of time-tested therapies that aren’t available elsewhere. He began a regiment that gave me relief within the first week AND offered PT treatments that are correcting my gait so I won’t continue to damage my back. Dr. Janssen is giving me the chance to truly heal instead of just manage the problem. Being 58, and having back pain many of those years, I’ve seen 5 other chiropractors throughout my life. But I’ve never had the quick response or the hope of living pain free from any other doctor than Dr. Janssen. He’s the best by far. If you’re in pain, go here first!!

And I should add that he is less expensive than all the other doctors who were less effective!

Patient M.G., Seminole, FL

In September 2016, during a game of golf, while taking a swing on the tenth hole, I felt a pulling sensation in my back. Within five minutes I began to feel pain in my lower right back, after two more holes the pain became so severe I had to quite playing.

At this time, we were caring for a friend’s dog, Daisy, and I was using the opportunity to exercise and had been walking her about five miles a day for the last month and felt like I was in pretty good physical shape. I later learned from Dr. Janssen that because of my improper gait, the walking and golf over stressed my back muscles and were the cause of the back pain. Part of my gait problem was that, due to a childhood injury, I had to have my left hip replaced about twenty years ago. Thus, due to the childhood injury and prosthetic hip, I had not been walking properly for more than thirty years.

After three weeks of trying rest, performing very light home exercises, and taking Advil regularly, the pain was still intolerable and made it impossible to return to my normal activities. I made an appointment to see Dr. Janssen. Daisy, the dog, was thankful because I don’t think she really enjoyed the daily five mile walks. After a thorough examination that included x-rays, Dr. Janssen said he could help me. He advised that the pain was in my lower back muscles reacting to overuse (walking five miles, regular golf games), aggravated by a spine mis-alignment that was likely the result of favoring my left side for the last several decades because of the childhood injury and, later, the artificial hip. We started with three treatments a week for about three weeks to relax the muscles and manipulation treatments to correct the spine alignment. After about four weeks the pain was 95% gone and I felt I was able to resume my normal activities, although Dr. Janssen advised to not over do any exercise. The last weeks of treatment were exercises on his [unweighted] treadmill and vibration tables to improve muscle and nerve functions. During the entire five weeks of treatment, followed by five weeks of supervised exercise, Dr. Janssen regularly examined me and performed any treatments required and exercise adjustments to keep my recovery on track. I was pain free after about six weeks of treatments.

The office staff is excellent, besides the performing the normal administrative functions, they supervise therapy sessions. The coordination between staff and the doctor is excellent, arriving early for my appointments on several occasions I observed Dr. Janssen meeting with his staff to coordinate the day’s activities. Although I could not hear the discussion because it was in the glassed-in office, it was obvious from the flawless operation of the office that the entire staff was up to date and informed on the status of each patient.

After the chiropractic treatments, I signed up for Dr. Janssen’s Senior [Fit] Program that continues the supervised exercises on the [unweighted] treadmill and vibration plate. The muscle and nerve training from the supervised exercises have dramatically improved my gait and posture. I will continue with Dr. Janssen’s Senior [Fit] Program of supervised exercise for the foreseeable future because I feel the great physical improvements from the exercises and believe they will help insure me a good quality of life for many, many years. –

Patient J.B., Safety Harbor, FL

Simply put: At 94 I had minor surgery which was opined by three doctors as required. The surgery went well, however, the after effects not-so-much. Severe back pain resulted and, worse yet, muscle spasms. After three doctor visits, two physical therapy visits, three falls, and an ER visit, I continued to get worse. I took muscle relaxers, mild as they were, also resulting in two more falls.

Remember, I’m 94, and did I mention I have severe osteoporosis? Over my objection, my daughter finally said “Enough, we’re going to my chiropractor.” Recognizing my age, the osteoporosis issue, and the severe pain I was experiencing, Dr. Janssen (and his staff) were very honest about not promising any miracles. However, he/they may have pulled one off!

He was very gentle and very patient with me — always willing to answer questions and look for an understanding from me. I felt improvement after 2-3 sessions and continued with treatment, therapy, and very mild adjustments. I never thought I could feel this good again. I trust him completely and can’t thank him enough. He has my whole-hearted recommendation. –

Patient B.B., Safety Harbor, FL

I hurt my shoulder about a year ago. I got several massages as well as taking over-the-counter pain relievers. I have been dealing with the pain and limited use of my shoulder. Recently, I injured my back lifting an item. I could hardly move, that’s when I finally reached out to Dr. Janssen. He took the time to properly examine me and make his diagnosis and designed a schedule treatment program. He relieved my back issue quickly and my shoulder movement has improved dramatically. Do not procrastinate like I did. If I took action to see Dr. Janssen earlier, I would not have had that back injury. Thank you Dr. Janssen and your staff for relieving the pain and getting my shoulder movement back!! GREAT JOB!

-Patient M.S., Clearwater, FL

At 88 years of age, I recently returned from a motor coach tour to Natural Bridge, Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown, Virginia. I was able to walk the miles of tours and climb numerous flights of stairs in the historical buildings.

I was in constant pain when I first came to see Dr. Janssen. Through his treatments, the aid of his staff, and encouragement to do the Better Body Exercise Program I no longer have pain and am able to do what I love. I am so thankful to them!

I truly believe I am able to live a fuller life without pain because of the treatment I have gotten from Dr. Janssen and his caring staff. I am leaving for a tour of San Antonio this week! Thanks!

-Patient, E.J.

I would like to start off by saying thank you to Dr. Janssen and Linda for making me feel good again! I had always had lower back pain due to my job, I started coming to the office over the last year and it’s the best thing I ever did. I come once a week for the physical therapy that has put me back to where I need to be. It has made such a huge difference. I sleep better at night and I can function better at work. I also see Linda for Synergie. I look forward to my days of seeing her. I have to say it’s got to be one of the best treatments I’ve ever had. I feel like a million dollars when she is done with me! I can’t thank them enough for getting my back and body back to normal!

-Patient, L.H., USPS Postal Worker, Dunedin, FL

I had severe lower back pain. I couldn’t stand long without pain in my back. Dr. Janssen came to our office. I decided to go to Dr. Janssen. Dr. Janssen and his whole staff were wonderful. After x-rays and an exam, Dr. Janssen came up with a plan. It included physical therapy and adjustments. After just a few visits my back started to feel better and after a few months my back felt much better. Now I only go for routine adjustments, therapy, and Synergie. Dr. Janssen is very compassionate and takes time to listen and tells you in great detail what is wrong and what he is doing. He is very knowledgeable in his profession. Everyone you work with in his office are caring and very helpful in your therapy. I would highly recommend Dr. Janssen and his staff.

-Patient, S.H, USPS Postal Worker, Dunedin, FL

When I was five years old I hit my dad’s head with mine and my neck seized up. Even though my parents didn’t go to the chiropractor, they took me. When I was about twelve years old I was thrown off a horse and back to the chiropractor I went. I went to the chiropractor on and off for the next several years and after I was married and had children I took them soon after they were born. It helped alleviate their colic and one of the twins had seizures which medicine didn’t control. Our chiropractors (husband and wife) come to the house and worked on him for about an hour. He went four years without seizures and medicine. A few years later his seizures came back and chiropractic helped for another four years. My youngest daughter had scoliosis and I knew if I took her to an orthopedic doctor she would either have surgery with rods in her spine or wear a body fence. With chiropractic her spine was perfectly straight in two years. I have always had low back problems so I started coming to Dr. Janssen about 15 years ago and have never left. The treadmill and vibe plate have done miracles. A few months ago, I was walking down a gravel and crushed brick country road with my family when it began to rain. As I was hurrying back to the house I tripped and a chunk of brick and was able to hop and skip and stay upright. A year ago I would have fallen on my face. Hurray for Dr. Janssen and his therapy. I am almost 80 years old.

-Patient, S.B., Palm Harbor, FL

After suffering for months with back pain that was going into my legs and I could not stand for more than 2 seconds, walk any further than to the bathroom, having so much discomfort and unable to sleep at night. I was losing my will to live because I could no longer do the fun things I enjoyed in life. I was told to try a chiropractor. I went from one chiropractor to another and not getting any relief I didn’t want to go through surgery because I believe in trying everything else before resorting to that. I continued my quest to find someone that would help me. That is when I found Dr. Janssen. I was skeptical at first because I was told by the other 3 chiropractors that they could help me and I was not seeing any results. I have been seeing Dr. Janssen and with his help and his compassionate staff I have finally found the right one. In just a few months I am now able to stand to cook and bake, walk again, and enjoy the fun things in life. I am so thankful to be able to get up each day and look forward to being able to do the things that I had lost the ability to do. Dr. Janssen and his group are the ultimate, so look no further, they are just a phone call away.

-Patient, K.J., Clearwater, FL

drj_testimonial2_pic1.jpgI’m a 51 year old disabled Police Officer and have a fused leg. My left leg is also 1½ inches shorter than my right leg due to surgeries. This leaves me with a lot of back problems. I’m still very active in sports. I ski a mono/sit ski and took 1st place at the Nastar Race in Telluride, Colorado in February, 2010. I also ride a handcycle as I’m unable to peddle a regular bike. On a monthly basis I will do a hundred mile ride as well as shorter distances. I’m competitive in hand cycle races. I raced in Oak Ridge Tennessee the end of August 2010 and took 1st place in the road race, 1st place in the time trial and 3rd place in the criterium.
None of this would be possible without Dr. Russell Janssen and his most excellent staff. Before I found Dr. Janssen I went to several chiropractors and doctors without good results. I even ended up in the emergency room as I couldn’t stand up. They shot my back full of drugs, which took the pain away for a short time, but didn’t fix or deal with the underlying problem. Dr. Janssen explains what the problem is and everything he’s doing along the way. The treatment doesn’t hurt and most of all it works. I highly recommend Dr. Janssen to everyone. Words can not say thank you enough for all that Dr. Janssen has done for me. YOU’RE THE BEST DR. JANSSEN. P.S. Bonnie and Faith are the best staff anyone could ask for.

-Patient, J. L., Palm Harbor, FL

drj_testimonial3_pic1.jpgI recently purchased some orthotics for my shoes and couldn’t believe how effective they were. I used to have shin splints; my being on my feet 10-12 hrs a day and the bottom of my feet used to cramp up from being flat footed. This was one of the best investments to make for yourself. My shin splints are gone and the bottom of my feet don’t cramp up. Also my stiffness in my lower back has vanished.

-Patient, S. G.

When I first started coming here 8 months ago or so, I was having chronic lower and mid-back pain. My hip flexers lacked flexibility and I was stiff. Lower and mid back muscles were hard as a rock along with a pinched nerve in my lower back. Now currently the pinched nerve is gone and hasn’t come back. My chronic back pain is gone, even after working long hours at work.
My back muscles in my lower and mid back are normal, no longer stiff and rock hard. My hips are fluid and not stiff. I have been very satisfied with my results and would recommend anyone of any age to consult my chiropractic physician for at least a check=up.

-Patient, S. G.

drj_testimonial6_pic1.jpgI first started seeing Dr. Janssen in April 2009. At that time I was very frustrated and depressed over the fact that I couldn’t get relief from the pain in my back, hip and thigh. This had been an on-going situation for almost a year.
My primary care doctor sent me to an orthopedic specialist. This resulted in steriod shots and medication for inflamation which gave only temporary relief. I wasn’t satisfied with this type of treatment and the fact my mobility was still hampered. In desparation, I decided to try a chiropractor. I made an appointment with Dr. Janssen, which has turned out to be a very good decision.
Through a series of manipulations, light treatments, I began to get some relief. Then I started on the treadmill. That has been a tremendous help. (This is no an ordinary treadmill). Since starting treatment with Dr. Janssen, my short leg syndrome has gone away and my gait has improved immensely. At present time, I am only going for one appointment weekly.
When I first came to Dr. Janssen I was on 3 appointment per week. I no longer need steroid shots nor medication for inflamation. I highly recommend chiropractic treatment for any aches or paints. I am now back to an active life, even bowling. Many thanks to Dr. Janssen and his staff, Bonnie and Faith.

-Patient, J. W., Clearwater, FL

My name is Cathy and I came to see Dr. Janssen in late May. My problem was a strong burning sensation in my left leg when I walked a distance and a back/left hip totally out of shape. I was a bit skeptical if Dr. Janssen could help me, as three prior chiropractors were unable to address my concern. After three weeks of seeing Dr. Janssen, I felt the beginnings of relief. I continued the treadmill thereapy combined with the pad and 2½ months later I have regained my walking stride.
Dr. Janssen explained I had a structural problem in my back from an auto accident which disturbed the growth pattern in my right leg (slightly shorter). By training my brain on the treadmill to re-open nerve paths closed many years ago, he was able to strengthen my hip/back thus giving relief to my leg. In the end, it was my back, not my left leg that was a matter of concern. I return to him shortly to determine if a month with no therapy has rendered any change while continueing to wear the shim in my shoe
I’m most thankful for Dr. Janssen and his staff for their kind and professional treatment which has given me back my life.

-Patient, Cathy

drj_testimonial_image.jpgMany people suffer for months or years before learning about chiropractic and what it can do. Judith H. of Clearwater, FL is just one of the many people who have been helped by Dr. Janssen. Judith writes:
On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain was an agonizing 10! The pain changed my lifestyle. I couldn’t stand long enough to do dishes, or sit at the computer for any length of time. I was concerned about being able to handle my job. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on tests, treatments, injections in my lower spine, and painkillers. Nothing worked. All I got was temporary relief.
Then my daughter suggested I try chiropractic. I have been a patient of Dr. Russell Janssen since April 2004. In four months Dr. Janssen has reduced my pain from 10 to a 2 or 3 – and best of all the treatment didn’t hurt. I’m now able to do all the things I couldn’t do before – even my favorite hobby of Artistic Roller Skating. I was able to complete – and won a gold medal!
Thank you Dr. Janssen!


I had a hip replacement in 1992. But before that I had an unusual gait and a problem keeping my sacroilliac from slipping out of place. I have gone to physical therapist and chiropractors since 1975, but they were never able to correct the problem.
When I walked into Dr. Janssen’s office, he had me walk down the hall and took x-rays and said, “I can help you”. Right then I had confidence in the doctor and knew he could do it. YES, he did, he put a shim in my shoe on the right foot and worked with me twice a week. I never gave up. I kept my appointments. Yes, he had done it. I am walking with a better gait. I am free of pain and I would recommend Dr. Janssen to anyone that is in pain.
The Doctor will tell you if he can anything for you or not. This is the only other thing I like about the Doctor. I must say the two girls, Bonnie and Faith are wonderful and up-beat and keep it lively in there. I love the hours.

-Patient, E. S., Holiday FL

I am so thankful to be able to tell you about the improvements to my body since I’ve been coming to Dr. Janssen – psychologically I am so much more confident and secure; no longer leaning on the hallway wall (!!); no longer sometimes dizzy; and the best is no longer limping. I thought it had something to do with old age (91), but I was wrong.
Today I have even called Dr. Janssen a Wizard! Also, each time I walk in the front door, there are two happy and kind “girls” in the office (Bonnie and Faith). Nuff said on the paper..more later. –

Patient, B.S.