Sciatica has gotten to be a catchall phrase for leg pain. The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve in the body and is made up of the nerves that come out of the lower back and tail bone. When these nerves get aggravated or irritated they refer pain down the back of the leg. There are specific orthopedic tests that help us with the diagnosis of sciatica. True sciatica is not as common as “leg pain.” Sciatica pain is most often caused by the compression of the pisiformis but can be aggravated essentially anywhere along its path down the leg. Our test help us focus in on the exact location of compression so we can proceed with the correct line of treatment. We have helped countless number of people with this condition and would love to help you as well.

Treatments that we have found effective on dealing with sciatica are chiropractic care to reduce the nerve compression, interferential therapy to reduce muscle tension,infrared light therapy to reduce muscle toxicity, vibration plate therapy to increase the range of motion of the joints in the low back, unweighted treadmill to retrain gait patterns, trigger point therapy, the back system 3, and myofascial/lymphatic work to reduce the fascial restriction.
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