Sacroiliac joint pain is one of the most common reasons why people have reoccurring lower back pain. There are two sacroiliac joints that are located at the belt line on both sides of the spine. Sensitivity over the joint indicates joint irritation. Sacroiliitis by definition is inflammation (itis) of the sacroiliac joint. This is caused by distortion of either muscle imbalance, misalignment of the pelvis, or short leg syndrome. Usually by the time pain is present (because pain is always the last symptom of an underlying dysfunction) patients have all three.

Sacroiliitis can start after increased activity and may last only a couple days. However, each successive episode the pain usually intensifies and episodes tend to last longer. Frequently, we have patients that come in and have had intermittent episode episodes over the years until the escalation of pain is so great they are unable to move comfortably. The longer sarcroiliitis, and the underlying distortion is present, the worse the symptoms. It is important to have your sacroiliitis checked before the issue comes to this point. Like anything else, the less time a problem occurs, the less time the problem takes to correct.

Treatment for sacroiliitis involves reducing the distortion, either structural or muscle. We get best results with this condition combining chiropractic care, interferential therapy, and infrared light therapy. These treatments combine to reduce the stress on the joint and the the muscle overload but do not address the underlying muscle imbalance or lack of function. For this, we turn to neuromuscular reeducation such as the unweighted treadmill, the vibration plate, and the back system.

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