Patients presenting with hip pain usually have it on a single side only. This indicates to us that some type of distortion is present. It can be from many different sources. For example; a postural distortion, a gait deviation, sleeping on the same side for years, and many more. Often this injury is an overuse injury, like a UPS driver always getting out of the left side of the van and repeatedly coming down on his left foot for years. We see many people with hip issues that are walkers or runners with a gait deviation causing one side of their hip to work harder than the other. With all these different reasons we see their is most likely a restriction in sacroiliac joint, hip joint or both. This causes muscle shortness and overworked muscles leading to our dysfunction. Usually by the time pain rears its ugly head there is a combination of overworked muscles and joint fixation.

Treatments that we have found effective on dealing with hip pain are chiropractic care to reduce the structural distortion, interferential therapy to reduce tension,infrared light therapy to reduce muscle toxicity, the unweighted treadmill, and myofascial/lymphatic work to reduce the fascial restriction.

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